IP Mailer

IP Mailer 2004.2

Monitors and notifies the user when the IP address is changed
2004.2 (See all)
IP Mailer
Notifies the user when the IP of his computer is automatically changed because of the Dynamic IPs, this way you can connect to your PC remotely without remembering IP addresses. Supports sending emails through the SMTP protocols and Authentication support.

If your ISP gives you a temorary IP address each time you log on, you can email your IP address automatically to your friends and office/home so that you can find your computer for remote access regardless of the constantly changing IP address. If you use your computer remotely or need to have other people access some server functionality on your PC you can let them know what your IP address is automatically when it changes.
IP Mailer can also optionally send you a daily email with the IP address.
IP Mailer supports multiple recipients of the email and also let's you send it manually if you need to send it from time to time. Requires that you have access to a SMTP (mail) server from your ISP for sending the emails. Simply configure the SMTP server address, your email address and the recipients address and you are ready to automatically keep up to date with your IP. The software can also show a message on screen if your IP has changed to notify you about it. Further it also copies your IP into the clipboard on startup so you can paste your IP into apps directly after running the application. Saves you time from running ipconfig to figure out what your IP is today.
When installed it is automatically placed in the startup folder so it will run each time you boot your computer.

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